CreatWare is a straightforward slicing software, designed for speed and efficiency while still ensuring top-quality prints for a powerful 3D printing process.
The user-friendly interface is free and compatible with all CreatBot 3D printers.

Seamless workflow

  • Import
  • Config
  • Preview
  • Print

Amazing Features

Powerful slicing engine

CreatWare has a super powerful slicing engine, and the slicing speed is very fast. It also has an incredible preview simulation, feel free to preview the printing simulation and code of each layer/line.

Convenient parameter mode

CreatWare offers three different parameter modes. Customers can freely switch parameters according to printing time and accuracy to meet their own needs. Support users to create and manage setting parameters, and switch easily.

Variable print settings

CreatWare allows users to individually set fill, layer, etc. parameters for different areas of the print. Optimizing the settings of different features can change the mechanical properties of the part.

Auto-repair and simplify

CreatWare handles complex high-precision models, analyzes model errors and repairs them. By simplifying, the surface details of the model can be adjusted, the quality of the print is guaranteed, and the slicing speed is also increased.

Pro-Tools and Advanced Options

Multi-Part Customization


Variable Print Layer

Quickly Lay Flat Model

Custom Support

Custom Settings