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CreatBot have a leading high-performance 3d printing filament system, which meets functional requests such as high strength, high toughness, temperature resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation and fire proofing, etc to meet differents customers need. We also provide 3D printing services before purchase to get the most intuitive trial experience. please contact us for the most professional material advice, and get a offter for 3d printing service or filament.

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High Performance Materials

PEEK Application

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R&D and direct application of high-standard custom parts

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R&D simplifies production; direct application of custom parts

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The latest solution for custom medical devices and implants

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High-strength custom parts with the best mechanical properties

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A Superior Equipment Foundation for High Performance Materials Research

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Customized production of excellent sealed insulation and self-lubricating PEEK parts

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PEEK Materail


PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) is considered as one of the world’s highest performing engineering thermoplastics, offering exceptional chemical resistance and excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures.
Main applications of PEEK in additive manufacturing include metal-replacement, functional prototyping, and end-use parts for industries like aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, medical, dental and research.

PEEK Printing Sample

PEEK printing sample 01
PEEK printing sample 02
PEEK printing sample 03

Medical-grade PEEK

PEEK offers optimum properties for in-vivo applications in many aspects. It has strong plasticity, and its elasticity, strength, heat insulation and stability are comparable to those of the autologous skull, in comparison to a titanium based implant, a PEEK implant is appreciably similar to the human bone in mechanical stiffness and elasticity thus can easily mechanically conform as the bone exercises internal motion. so there is generally no rejection reaction.
Since this material is radiolucent, it is suitable for radiological diagnostics and therapeutic radiation technology, without affecting postoperative imaging analysis. Thanks to its insulating properties, the material is also less susceptible to temperature effects than its metal substitute materials.
The opportunities which CreatBot’s Medical PEEK 3D Printing Technology offers, pertains most to the craniomaxillofacial, Facial orthopedics,hand, ribs, Joint implant, and spine areas where patient specific solutions are in most demand. By implementing the CreatBot solution, accruable savings on time, manufacturing cost and personnel can be realized relative to traditional manufacturing solutions.
Support equipment: CreatBot PEEK-300
Medical-grade PEEK

Medical-grade PEEK Printing Sample

Medical-grade PEEK printing sample 01
Medical-grade PEEK printing sample 02
Medical-grade PEEK printing sample 03
Medical-grade PEEK printing sample 04
CreatBot medical grade PEEK filament are authenticated by FDA, USP, ISO, etc, which has good biocompatibility, wear resistance and stable chemical properties, can be disinfected with high temperature steam or gamma radiation. Since the first cranial implantation in 2016, there have been no negative effects such as rejection and infection. Up to now (August 2019), more than 50 cases of medical cases have been realized, and more than 20 cases of PEEK implants have been achieved, all of which have performed well and are favored by various international medical groups. Many thanks to professors from Johns Hopkins University (the highest institution in the world of medical science), who provide unparalleled technical support and case feedback to us with CreatBot 3d printers. Now more and more international medical teams join the CreatBot 3D printing PEEK solution.
Picture of international medical team cooperation

PEEK Medical Implant Cases

PEEK-CF Materail


CreatBot PEEK-CF, one high-performance filament, 20% carbon fiber reinforced PEEK, excellent dimensional stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature, hydrolysis resistance, chemical inertness, flame resistance, high compressive strength. Compared with PEEK materials, PEEK-CF has the characteristics of easy processing, no warping, higher strength and wear resistance. Suitable for custom requirements for high-strength parts such as aerospace, automotive, and mechanical parts.
It is enough to replace metals in many applications, making it ideal for automotive, aerospace and other industries. This carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic is used to produce high performance prototypes that can withstand the rigorous testing of production parts during design verification to meet the demanding requirements of the production environment and can be applied to fixture manufacturing on the production line.

PEEK-CF Printing Sample

PEEK-CF printing sample 01
PEEK-CF printing sample 02


PEEK-GF is a glass fiber reinforced PEEK material with high strength, high rigidity, pressure-bearing composite insulator, high temperature resistance above 180°C, and pressure resistance of 140MPa, etc. The printed parts can replace metal parts in many occasions, realize light weight and high strength. The performance is similar to PEEK-CF, but PEEK-GF’s density is higher and toughness is better. Printing parameter settings:Printing temperature: 400-450°C, Platform temperature: 120-150°C, Cavity insulation 90-120°C, Printing speed: 20-50mm/s, Cooling fan: off. ADS system: open, Water cooling system: open. Recommend to dry the filament at 120-140°C for more than 8 hours before using or when it is reused after a long time.

PEEK-GF Printing Sample

PEEK-GF printing sample 01
PEEK-GF printing sample 02


UltraPA-CF (carbon fiber reinforced nylon) has high hardness and excellent performance in chemical resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance. It also has excellent durability and toughness, so it is very suitable for 3D printing tools, which requires higher functionality.
Its mechanical properties and strength are close to PEEK-CF, but the price is much cheaper than PEEK-CF. It is one of the most high-strength 3D printing material that can be used for a long time without worrying its cost.
UltraPA-CF Material

UltraPA-CF Printing Sample

UltraPA-CF printing sample 01
UltraPA-CF printing sample 02


ULTEM, Polyetherimide (PEI) is an amorphous, amber-to-transparent thermoplastic with characteristics similar to the related plastic PEEK. Relative to PEEK, PEI is cheaper, but is lower in impact strength and usable temperature.
PEI has a very high temperature stability, even for non-reinforced PEI. It has good toughness and strength. Therefore, the superior thermal stability of PEI can be used to fabricate high temperature heat resistant devices. With excellent mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, radiation resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance, and through the microwave, PEI also has good flame retardancy, chemical resistance and electrical insulation properties. It can be used for a long time at an operating temperature of 160 to 180°C.



PEI (ULTEM) Printing Sample

PEI (ULTEM) printing sample 01
PEI (ULTEM) printing sample 02
PEI (ULTEM) printing sample 03
PEI (ULTEM) printing sample 04

Performance of Materials

Rank of Different Grade Material
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