CreatBot f1000


Affordable And Reliable Large 3D printer

The CreatBot F1000 was created to make industrial 3D printing of large-scale objects and prototype as easy as possible.It is embedded with many advanced technology for ultra big, impressive, prints.
It will be your best choice with no doubt, If you are looking for an lndustrial large scale 3D printer for prototype and engineering-grade materials. The most important, AFFORDABLE for every company!.

  • 1000*1000*1000mm
  • Camera control technology
  • Fully enclosed
  • High resolution&speed
  • Reliable 24/7

D600/D600 Pro

The Most Advanced Large 3D Printer

D600 and D600 Pro are well sold to over 50 countries in past 5 years! The D600 was created since year of 2018, Its fully enclosed print volume 600*600*600mm is able to make industrial prototype large-scale objects as easy as possible. The D600 Pro new version was deep developed in year of 2022, It is able to 3D print large size objects with high performance material for industrial application directly. If you are looking for a very professional industrial 3D printer with large-scale, D600 Pro will be your best choice.

  • 600*600*600mm
  • Hot bed&hot chamber
  • big prints for engineering-grade material
  • Fully enclosed
  • Reliable 24/7
CreatBot D600

CreatBot peek-300


The Leader Of Ultra High Performance 3D Printer

The PEEK-300 is the most advanced high performance 3D printer designed and manufactured by CreatBot for industrial and medical. It redefining the standards of high performance 3D printer, which is realiable and affordable for every companies.


The Most Welcomed Powerful 3D Printer

It is CreatBot flagship desktop 3D printer with many advanced technology suitable for multiple grades of materials. It provides solutions for just about every application from concept to prototype and high performance material direct production. Its best-in-class technical specs deliver performance you can rely on.

CreatBot f430

CreatBot f160


Education/High Performance Application 3D Printer

It is professional small desktop/educational 3D printer. The F160 Standard version supply ultra-high precision for PLA, ABS and carbon fiber, etc. It is best choice for Edutaction and small model production.
The F160-PEEK version is designed for high-performance materials, it prints ultra-high-performance nylon, PC, PEEK and other custom industrial parts. It is the world's most cost-effective PEEK 3D printer.

D Series

The Classic 3D Printer For Most Standard Using

The CreatBot D series consists of 4 products, supporting dual/triple extruders, 350°C hotend, large size and various advanced technologies. It is the most classic product of CreatBot and is widely used in various industries.

CreatBot dx series

DX/DX Plus

CreatBot de series

DE/DE Plus

CreatBot 3D Printer Applications

CreatBot print sample

3D printed 1 meter snake

head for amusement park statue.

Learn more
CreatBot print sample

3D printed air intake, made with

nylon alloy. Direct application to

modified cars, break world record!

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CreatBot print sample

Star-Lord Helmet. 3D printing is the

easiest way to produce prototype

for prop making.

Learn more
CreatBot print sample

Carbon fiber-Nylon fixture.

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CreatBot print sample

ABS+PVA (water soluble material) intake.

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CreatBot print sample

Medical grade PEEK implant.

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