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CreatBot is an expert in 3D printing high-performance materials in the world. We have more than 4 years of experience and technology accumulation in 3D printing high-performance materials. There are more than 300 printing cases worldwide, including Airbus, TE, Oxford University, Shell Oil, Hopkins Medical and other leading enterprise. The following PEEK, PEI (UITEM) models are provided by the customers, they are unique in their respective fields. CreatBot is the only authorized company to provide 3d printing PEEK solution. (There are more sample cases that can't be exhibited according to customer agreement.) CreatBot provides the best of 3D printing high performance material solutions that based on customer requirements on strength, toughness, and temperature resistance.

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The following case is the application of PEEK in the medical industry, mainly for human implants and the auxiliary tools of medical devices.

PEEK has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, X-ray transmission and good biocompatibility. Compared to typical medical materials such as titanium and cobalt-chromium alloys, PEEK offers many additional advantages: (1) lower modulus of elasticity (2) better X-ray (3) excellent disinfection performance (4) Biocompatibility (5) Mechanical properties can be adjusted (6) greater design freedom.


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