D600 Pro 2

Discover the leading professional large format 3D printer

D600 Pro series has been proven to be the world's most popular professional large-size 3D printer. It has undergone 6 years of market accumulation and verification. Since its launch, we have continuously upgraded and improved the D600 Pro based on user needs and feedback. So far, we have made approximately 30 improvements in product details, incorporating new technologies, and fixing issues. Make it a very stable professional large-size 3D printer, deeply preferred by small and medium-sized enterprises.

D600 Pro 2 is a brand new product based on D600 Pro that is now being released with more advanced design concepts and deep technical reserves. It has been professionally designed, has powerful performance, and features no shortcomings. Large print volume, faster speed, stronger material compatibility, simpler operating procedures, and more stable 7/24 operation. Undoubtedly, it will capture the needs of all professional 3D printer users with a size of 600mm*3 worldwide. Within the price range of 15000 US dollars, it will become your first choice without considering other products.


  • 600*600*600mm
  • 420°C+100°C+70°C
  • High resolution&speed
  • Removable Magnetic Platform
  • Reliable 24/7
  • Fully enclosed
CreatBot D600 Pro 2 3D Printer Air Intake With High Temp.Nylon Alloy
Bruce Warren apparently wasn't happy with setting a world record once, so he beat his own record today in his Cadillac CTS-V. His blistering 192.2 mph(309.3km/h) marks the new world record for a stock blower CTS-V & CTS-V Sedan. The CTS-V equipped with a 3D printed intake made by justin Taylor, a top engineer for modified custom car parts. He can do everything with his CreatBot D600 Pro 3D printers.
"My 3D printed intake just broke a world record for the fastest CTS-V half mile. Also in September we will be headed to Texas to break the mile record for the CTS-V as well. Which is great because my intake will be on the car. I also have one that will be going out next week to a car that should break the 1/4 mile record. All with a 3D printed air intake made on your machines!! Going to be taking over this industry as I am already working on a ZL1 camaro version. All of these cars have your intake and have been holding up great! People love the quality of the 3D printing!"
----Justin Taylor

Auto-rising Dual Extruders 420 ℃

D600 Pro 2 is equipped with new smart auto-rising dual-extruders kit hot-end temperature up to 420 ℃. It is able to print engineering-grade materials like PLA, ABS, PC, UltraPA, carbon fiber, glass fiber, etc with quick remove support materials.

Magnetic suction platform

Exclusive R&D of magnetic platform with large size, easy removable platform, high temperature resistance exceeding 100 °C, long-term use without demagnetization.
For oversized models, it is easy to detach them quickly and the bottom of the model is flat. Convenient to all operators.

Powerful core

32-bit motherboard, equipped with a powerful MCU core processor, can quickly respond to any program instructions without delay.

7-inch touch screen

A new UI design language, better user interaction experience, and more convenient operation.

Z magic box: Perfect Z surface

For tall Z distance 3D printing devices, the texture of the Z-axis surface texture will deteriorate as the model height increases. Our Z-axis magic box technology can greatly reduce or even eliminate the Z-surface texture of tall models, ensuring that the surface quality of the model remains smooth and consistent.

Camera Control Technology

Camera control technology allow customers to control printing process on speed,pause,temp.,etc., with an APP remotely, achieving the best printing quality with shortest time without failure. A very useful feature on large model and long time printing.

Technical Specs

Print Technology Fused Deposition Modeling
Build Volume Single Extrusion: 600*600*600mm
  Dual Extrusion:  540*600*600mm
Number of Nozzles Double
Auto rising extruders Yes
Min layer height 0.05mm
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Filament Compatibility: PLA, ABS, Carbon, Nylon, Ultra-PA, UltraPA-CF, PET-CF, PC, ASA, PETG, etc.
Nozzle Diameter 0.6mm (0.3, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8,1.0mm)
Print File Type GCODE
Max. Nozzle Temperature 420°C
Max. Bed Temperature 100°C
Max. Chamber Temperature 70°C
Filaments Drying Temperature 0-70°C (Timed)
Best Printing speed 80mm/s
Max. Printing speed 150mm/s
Power Requirements 220~240 V, 50~60 Hz
Max. Power 5500W
Screen 7" Touch Screen
Connectivity USB/USB disk / WiFi
Software Bundle CreatWare, Simplify 3D, Cura,Slice 3r
Supported File Types STL, OBJ, AMF
Operating Systems Windows All; Mac OS
Special Function
Outage Restored Save data when power is off
Filament Detection Pause printing when filament stuck or run out
Automatic leveling bed Yes
Automatic Shut-down Turn off the power when printing is complete
Magic box Technolog Perfect Z direction texture
Camera Control Monitoring + Control
Emergency stop switch Yes
X/Y motors high-precision Servo motors
X/Y Axis high-precision Linear slides
Air filter HEPA+Carbon
Print bed Removable magnetic platform( base on high-precision aviation aluminum plate)
Print surface PEI sheet+ PEI coating
Mainboard 32 bits
X/Y min&max Photoelectric switch
Size & Weight
Product Dimensions & Weight 1080*920*1245mm 200kg
Packing Size & Weight 1150*1000*1410mm 245kg


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